International Conservation Partnership Reorients Indigenous Youth Toward Ecocentric Continuity.

Updated: Mar 29

GeoCOMPASS.CENTER Operations Group

Washington DC, 8 January 2022


Belize's Maya Biological Forest Corridor is vital to a broader regional Yaku Tan-I peninsula rainforest system. This system serves as a critical planetary carbon sink and natural resource/biodiversity generator. It is full of important flora used as foods and medicines by fauna, including primates, reptiles, insects, birds, and more. Funding, workforce, and technological limitations are significant reasons regional governments fail to fully and effectively manage protected areas within their national borders. Many Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) that are not afforded formal inclusion in the Belize National Protected Areas System (NPAS) wait in limbo until they disappear.. Inadequacies in staffing, transportation, equipment, and professional capacity make regional government-administered conservation and security impossible without informed citizenry and international support.

A current collaboration involving USA-based 501c3 GeoCOMPASS.CENTER, the TROPICAL RAINFOREST INSTITUTE of BELIZE ECO-SYSTEMS NGO (TRIBZ.ECO) & World Scouting initiated the KIYOCAYO GeoCOMPASS Explorers & Scout School CARICOM initiatives to orient marginalized indigenous youth in the Central America/CARICOM region toward new emerging opportunities in the Protection of Planetary Ecosystems, Biodiversity Science & Climate Change Adaption, Resiliency & Continuity (ARC).

When asked for a comment, the initiatives'' executive coordinator replied, "There is a significant demand for capacity-building mechanisms that support community-managed conservation programs and their vital role in achieving 2030 sustainable development goals. KIYOCAYO GeoCOMPASS Explorers & Scout School CARICOM participants will be proficient at monitoring lands, maintaining trails and reporting any illegal activity, and tracking wildlife to contribute to more comprehensive scientific datasets in the region. Participants will also be qualified in pre-requisite skills for employment as professional Rangers. Our current and past participants tell us that these programs instill a great source of pride, empowering them to steward their homelands."

Exhaustive surveys have identified an ecologically uninformed human population as the primary threat to planetary ecosystems worldwide. Intensive dissemination of Conservation, Biodiversity Science & Climate Change Adaption, Resilience & Continuity programs aimed at our youth populations will reorient them toward a more ecocentric continuity.

GeoCOMPASS Explorers and Scout School CARICOM are GeoCOMPASS.Center Operations Group initiatives made possible via the assistance of World Scouting and conservation land grants facilitated by the Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize ECOsystems NGO (TRIBZ.ECO) with the free prior informed consent of the IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I Triba del SOL Community Conservation Cooperative.

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